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Lander County, NV is a unique, powerful search engine able to search through county assessor and recorder information using a simple, yet powerful interface.

We have information for Lander County including

Searchable Lander County Assessor Records

Our reports are designed to save you time and hold as much information as possible. They include on them all the information that can be extracted from the county databases, formatted for easy reading.Succinct Reports We realize that you need hardcopies of this information as well, and we have designed all our reports so they will fit on regular 8.5" by 11" letter-size paper.
Sales History For Parcel
All of the reports are cross referenced to the related recorded documents, sales information, maps and photographs.

Cross-Referenced Maps

Often, you may need to access the parcel maps related to the report being viewed. We have done our best to make it easy to bring up the related document, which we dislpay in an easily-printable pdf format. All of our map images are high-quality, large-format scans that can be reproduced at original size on a plotter, or automatically reduced for use on regular letter-format paper.
Cross Referenced Maps

Highly Accurate GIS

Accurate GIS has created a Geographical Information System (GIS) of Lander County using information from the county's recorded map documents, allowing precision and accuracy - far better than GPS-based or digitized maps.. We have tied the information in our databases to the GIS so you can perform spatial searches on the the data. In addition, we have tied Land Use, Land Value, and Zoning information directly into the GIS for visual reference to those values while viewing the map.

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